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modern open air photo booth in San DiegoWhat better way to make your wedding completely Instagram-worthy than to rent an open-air photo booth for your wedding guests? The Nifty Booth combines the retro flair of a 1970s mall photo booth with all the digital trendiness of Instagram and Snapchat.

Really, what other way would you be able to create beautiful animated GIFs of your wedding? The Nifty Booth is not just a fun, candid way for wedding guests to share photos – it’s also a great way for them to mingle and really enjoy themselves.

Check out the gallery of wedding couples who have already used The Nifty Booth to create one-of-a-kind photographic experiences. You have the fun family group shots – and you also have the kinds of photos most professional photographers wouldn’t even think of taking. How about shots of your best friends clowning around with Viking swords and fake moustaches? [Kevin & Leslie’s Wedding Photo Booth] Or members of the wedding party mixing it up in various twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes? [Evan & Amanda’s Wedding]

You won’t get these kinds of photos by having guests carry around their iPhones and Android smartphones – with the Nifty Booth, you get access to a DSLR camera, professional lighting, a room-size space capable of fitting in large groups of friends and family, and a range of different backgrounds. So you’re guaranteed of getting high-quality shots with a background that matches the theme and mood of your wedding.

All the 4×6 prints are also fully customizable, making them great party favors for your guests. Think of these prints as fun, instantly shareable personal souvenirs that they’ll cherish for years to come. You can encourage guests to print these photos in real-time, or save the best prints for later, when you can hand them out to guests as party favors.

Even better, your guests can upload these photobooth images immediately to the Internet, adding them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, all thanks to an integrated, Internet-ready touchscreen that’s built into the photo booth. That’s right – by the time you’re finished saying “I do,” there will likely be hundreds of images of your wedding guests already floating around the Internet.

Because, after all, you’re not officially married until there’s Instagram proof that you’ve actually been married, right? Just ask any of the celebrities in Hollywood – Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift or the Kardashians – who are photoboothing their way to Internet fame.

Renting a photo booth for a wedding is a fun, popular concept that has really taken off in the past few years, especially with the rapid adoption of Instagram and the ease of adding filters, backgrounds and layers to photos. In short, the Nifty Booth is one way to take your wedding photography to a new level that’s just not possible with wandering event photographers.
While The Nifty Booth specializes in wedding receptions, it’s easy to see how this photo booth concept could be extended to a number of other events as well, everything from family reunions to corporate events and conferences. You’ll have guests mingling and enjoying themselves, while also getting a lasting photographic memory of an important day. What a nifty concept.

Schedule your event today and enjoy your event forever! Ready to be the talk of the town? A picture is worth a thousand tweets, so make sure yours is the event your guests are sharing!

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