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To my husband,

The past two years being married to you have been the best years of my life. I LOVE waking up to you, working all day with you, raising our baby dog Kayla together and having the funnest life with you. I’ve never deserved a husband as sweet as you and that’s why I try every single day to make you happy. We have the easiest relationship on the planet and seemingly the most fulfilling. I’m the luckiest girl in the world and am so excited about our future together.

We spend a lot of our time celebrating other couples love for each other.. and all it does is make me so truly happy that I still feel for you what all these soon-to-be married couples feel for each other. It hasn’t faded with time… It’s only gotten stronger and deeper.

Thank you so much for being such a perfect husband. I know that you work at this every day and it shows. You’re such a good dad to Kayla and I know you’ll be an amazing father to a real child!!   🙂

I love you baby. Thank you for marrying me. Happy 2 year anniversary.


<3    ariel

p.s.  That’s a rolled up receipt in Josh’s mouth!  🙂

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We drove up to Fresno 3 weeks ago to shoot a wedding for a couple we’d never met… Not surprisingly the couple was so sweet, so in love, and so attractive!  Thank you to Megan & Katie for referring them to us! Nicole is a professional belly dancer that wins all kinds of competitions in Las Vegas & from what we could see Mike is rock star! 🙂  It was a fun wedding and we hope to see more of this couple!


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