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Wow… we’re already at two months!  It’s all just a blur at this point.  Some days it feels like we’ve got it down and have somewhat of a routine going knowing what this little boy needs and some days… not so much!  I just had to include some pictures where he’s crying, because let’s be honest new moms… these happy pictures are few and far between!  It seems like every time Indy’s in a good mood my camera is no where near me and by the time I get it, his mood has changed!  Things are slowly progressing… from a mostly gassy, fussy baby with glimpse’s of happiness here and there, to lots of fun, happy, smiley times with some fussy time.  I see my baby growing, he’s now smiling (on the verge of laughing I think), he will stare into our eyes for 10 minutes straight and now you can see that he’s starting to understand  that he is controlling his mouth and hands and he’s trying sooo hard to connect the two to each other!  It’s so amazing to watch this baby.  He LOVES his morning walks with his dad & Kayla (our golden)… (hmmm, I need to get a picture of that!), he LOVES car rides and is obsessed with us holding him while bouncing on an exercise ball.  I love seeing Josh be a dad.  He had never really been arounds kids much before, especially at the infant stage, but he really has fallen into it so naturally and is much better at just playing with Indy and entertaining him than I am!  These early stages take a lot of work, but I just love the sweet in between moments and can not wait to be playing with my happy little baby at every new stage!  Once again, there never seems to be enough time to do real shoots, but here’s a few that we’ve snapped along the way.  While we were shooting some friends’ family photos, they let us hand over the camera and they snapped a few of us!  Thanks you sooo much Cody & Rosario!

We love you Indy, happy 2 month bday today!!

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