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So I’m a few days late getting this posted, but it’s finally done!  It’s amazing how little you get done once you have a baby, but I’m perfectly happy just raising my adorable boy (Josh handles allll our work now)!  Our last Indy update had nothing written on it because I was in Utah with him and Josh posted it for me…. so much has changed since the two month blog update!  Every week is different and back and forth… once you say something about your baby, he is bound to make a liar out of you the next day… like ‘oh Indy is just the happiest little baby now!’, the next day he’ll hit a growth spurt and be suuuuper fussy for a week!  But we’ve finally learned that he comes back around and we just can’t get enough of him!  He’s now sitting up (if concentrating on something in his lap), he just started solid foods (and is starting to allow it in his mouth) and is officially teething!  Unlike the old days of my poor sleep deprived little infant, we’ve both learned how to get him to nap very well and he’s been sleeping through the night for awhile.  He likes hanging at the beach, the pool, the zoo and yesterday I learned that he llllloves the baby swing at the park!

We now feel like a normal, functioning little family and love, love, love being parents!  Indy learns something new every week and it’s so fun to watch him grow into a little boy… I can’t believe how fast he’s growing and am determined to document every moment of it!


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